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Our company offers comprehensive services such as: design, manufacturing, commissioning and supervision of complex projects in the scope of machinery and equipment for heat and power generation. Such projects include, among others:

  • turbine electrohydraulic control systems (EHC),

-  turbine electrohydraulic control systems based on electrohydraulic transducers

- new (intermediate and high pressure) turbine governing systems based on the governing of control valves by individually controlled actuators with electronic feedback.

  • modernisations of turbine governing and steam admission systems,
  • increase of turbine puwer output,
  • electrohydraulic control systems of hydrokinetic gears,
  • extraction check valves  
  • actuators of check valves:

-  hydraulic actuators

- pneumatic actuators

- condensate actuators

  • hydraulic units (intermediate and high pressure).  

Employees of our company also executed special projects such as:

  • calculations for bearings of the raw material and cement mill, design and execution of the oil feeders in Nowiny Cement Plant,

We are equipped with out own, fully fitted Test Stand, and thus we are capable to repair and carry out the functional tests of all subassemblies of the control system as well as check the setpoins, correctness of indications as well as operation of the turbine Instrumentation and Control equipment.

The specialty of our company on the power generation market is service in the scope of:

  • turbine governing systems,
  • Instrumentation and Control system together with wiring,
  • diagnostics of the control system and dynamic condition of rotating machinery.  

One of our field of activities is production of spare parts for auxiliaries of all steam turbine types. Our experience and how-how allows us to offer the following:

  • subassemblies of governing system,
  • generator and turbine bearings,
  • stellited diffusers, heads and sleeves for valves
  • nozzle segments,
  • diaphragms,
  • gland sealing,  
  • spare parts for auxiliaries.  

For many years T.M.A. has been co-operating with companies offering specialised services in the scope of microprocessor technology, control, machining, heat and chemical treatment, welding as well as companies offering ready-made material and assemblies.